So just what should a tenant portal offer?

It has to be self service - and it needs to be simple to use for people like me

Ask a member of senior management and they will also want a tenant portal to reduce the volume of calls to your contact centre or office, or more precisely to reduce those calls that could be dealt with online effectively, with no loss of customer care standards.

And they will want customers to carry out online transactions such as rent payment, setting up a direct debit, booking a repair appointment, viewing their rent statement, and completing enquiry forms simply and effectively.

Do all of that in a tenant portal that works well, looks good and allows customers to self register, and operates securely, and you have happy customers and happy management.

Build it and they will come is a much overused phrase from a very enjoyable film (in my opinion). But it is not always true - but build it well, make it simple and intuitive to use, and fill it with functionality that works, and with information that is worth the visit....and promote it to everyone that could benefit from it.....and you stand a chance of people using it. 

Our eTenant portal does all of that and more - it can be configured to run with dynamic interfaces to a housing management system such as ActiveH or QL; a middle ware solution such as MS Dynamics; or to run with overnight exports of data. Whatever the technical requirement and budget the team at emerald can deliver a solution.