Residata from Resisystems provides a complete solution for all care environments and deals with all aspects of the Care Act and associated regulations. Bob Palmer MD of Resisystems, and Antony Dyson MD of Emerald, agreed in 2015 to work in partnership to develop a mobile care solution to complement Residata, a comprehensive back offices system for care providers.

The fruits of this partnership support both domiciliary care and care home situations. The new solution provides a simple mobile care management product for care workers during their working week, and provides real time updating of the Residata back office system.

Why use mobile in care?

The use of mobile technology in the care sector is widespread, the difference in this solution is the scope of the Residata product and the extensive knowledge that Bob Palmer and the Residata team have amassed over the many years working in the sector.

The mobile care solution provides benefits to many operational aspects for Residata clients, including real time outcomes of care visits, and care worker locations and routing.

If you have a situation where a digital care solution would work for you call us to discuss on 07932 910212.

Not just a mobile front end, Resimobile is driven by a central data warehouse, iHub where all the information relating to care clients, their care plans and their visit schedules is managed.