Habitapp is the name of our mobile app for social housing

The first release of Habitapp paved the way for many in the social housing sector to experiment with mobile technology for tenants, allowing them to view key information and to report events and issues to their landlord.

Get it right from the beginning

The availability of apis giving access to key information held in the back office, plus online access to payment mechanisms soon meant that the mobile app in social housing became a valuable part of the communications channel - and hook an app to push messaging platforms, and the ability to communicate with customers at all times and in all circumstances meant a mobile app for tenants was a valuable resource for any social landlord. 

According to our RSL clients a mobile app certainly is - although as with all things new, uptake can be a little slow to begin with. But make the app simple to use and allow access to key information in real time, and make payment and request routes simple to operate - and above all reliable and effective - and uptake of any mobile solution will grow.

At a time when government pressure means many RLSs are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency, a mobile app offers a genuine option to make valuable improvements.