Desiging your site

Creativity in action

Creativity in action

Before we begin the design process we work with you to understand your business - all social housing companies are not the same when it comes to the detail and processes. We work with you to analyse existing information including site traffic analytics, contact centre activity, audience profiling, project objectives and measurables - after all we need to understand how success will be measured if we are to guide you on your journey.

We explore with you your "favourite websites" and work to understand what aspects you like and why, considering aspects such as journey mapping and task fulfillment. Put simply - why visit the site, what did you do and how simple was the process.

We host user group workshops to reinforce that your objectives match what your audiences have as their expectations and to ensure we create a site that provides the best user experience we can deliver within the project parameters.

We then sketch out wireframes and rework those until we have an ideal layout - literally we draw with pencil and paper, and we invite you to join in. Then we progress to html mock ups to check it all works on screen - paper to screen is a big jump in the process. After that we move to apply your colours and branding assets - so it starts to belong to you, and we check the user experience still works and is as good as it could be.

Finally we move to begin the build process, from the bottom up. We develop the functional specification for the CMS, how much control does your website administration team require, what editing and publishing process is required.

During this process we train your team as the project develops - hands on at an early stage to encourage involvement. Our experience of encouraging editors to get hands on promotes early adoption of the project, and benefits the content review process that often accompanies a new website project.

Further review and testing sessions lead to a fully tested and approved end product that is ready to launch at the required time.

And did we mention that many of our website project support multiple style sheets for different departments or sub brands within an organisation, making it possible to portray one style for the main website with a totally different style for a property portal, or young person services.